Picaro workbook Level 2 (Unit 5-8)

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Picaro workbook Level 2 (Unit 5-8)


CEFR Level: A1                                                                                                 

Aligned with: Cambridge YLE Starters exam                                       

Ages:  5 – 7                        

Sample of Level 2 content:
Initial and final consonant sounds
Simple blending to make CVC words
Recognising sound and spelling patterns
Matching words to pictures


Level 2 builds on Level 1 and is enriched with a stronger presence of the written form. The children are introduced to a wider range of vocabulary, work with language at the sentence level and start to develop writing skills. The supporting online games (240 games in total at this level) motivate and engage the children in play-based learning and help them become comfortable with written language. The games provide extensive practice of listening, reading and writing skills, with a further focus on phonics and spelling. Workbook activities provide yet more exposure and the essential opportunity for quiet reflection and processing. By the end of this level, children will be well-prepared for the Cambridge English Young Learners: Starters test.